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Your customers appreciate a difference in quality and many will pay more for a superior product.  Our consumer brand, “Black River Herbs & Spices,” caters specifically to the discerning consumer.  Each of our bottles designates the type of herb or spice within.  For example, if your customer wants to cook an authentic Italian dish they should be using “Greek Oregano” which is flavorful, warm and balanced with some slight sharp notes.  On the other hand for those customers who want to make an authentic chili con carne, “Mexican Oregano” is the best choice having a bold and brash flavor profile.  Mexican oregano pairs well with chili peppers, chili powder and cumin creating a well-rounded flavor profile in bolder and spicier foods.  Greek oregano would be overpowered in this kind of dish.


Our own line of consumer sized glass bottles.

A really tasty shish kebob should use a Turkish or Greek coriander which is bold with complex flavors and has only minor notes of citrus.  On the other hand, if a customer wants to make chicken korma or a curry dish, an Indian coriander is best because of its citrus forward flavor profile.  Black River Spice & Tea Company can stock your shelves with the right spice for the right dish.  Offer your customers the choice and they will come back again.

We can also private label our 4 oz. bottles using your store’s logo.  We have dozens of herbs and spices to choose from and in several forms (whole, ground, tea cut, fancy cut, etc.).  As we say above and below, you can differentiate yourself from the chain food markets by offering more than one variety of an herb or spice or offering herbs and spices that can otherwise only be found in ethnic markets.  You can offer “hard or find” and “rare” spices and seasonings that the large chain supermarkets never will.

You can find our brand of dried herb and spices at “The Market Place” in Flanders, NJ.

Our own line of Herbs and spices are now available at “The Market Place” at 182 Route 206 Flanders, NJ.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask them.  Our line of consumer sizer dried herbs, spices and seasonings is quite large with over 200 items available.

Products sold by Max's Market & Eatery of Califon, NJ.

Products sold by Max’s Market & Eatery of Califon, NJ.

Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ now sells herbs & spices that we supply.

Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ now sells bottled herbs & spices that we supply.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania have many ethnic market places (Syrian, Indian, Chinese, Cuban, Korean etc.)  All too often cuisine magazine writers and recipe reviewers tell their readers that they can find the right ingredients for exotic dishes by going to their local ethnic markets because, “that’s where to find the authentic ingredients.”  Why let them do that when they can buy them from you instead?  Make your store’s herb and spice selections competitive with all of them.  We discern differences between various origins of an herb or spice and bottle the different kinds so you can cater to the local ethnic communities.  Each variety of a spice is different from one another.  Your customers will appreciate that you stock their preferred variety.  And don’t forget that all of the bottles you buy from us are freshly ground and blended. Here are some examples of the bottled choices available.

Our New Line of Barbecue Rubs

We launched our first four barbecue seasonings as of May 2018.  Our barbecue rubs have been sold in bulk for commercial kitchen use and we have been getting excellent reviews over them.  Now we are packaging them in 8 oz. tins for sale to consumers.  They are available in cases of 10 tins.

Try our new line of barbecue rubs!